Example Report

Example Report

Explanation of process

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We encourage potential buyers to be at the inspection to help further explain potential issues and problems. A standard inspection usually lasts between 1:30-2 hours.We have two licensed inspectors that work as a team for most inspections which helps not only save time but also protect you. 

Inspections usually begin by walking the exterior of the structure to get a better understanding of the layout of the home. We are looking at the slope of the land towards the home, your guttering system, any signs on movement or displacement on the foundation walls, the HVAC system, the structural integrity of any porches or decks. and roof covering are just to name a few. All these observations help us to understand more about the home without stepping foot inside. 

Once the exterior has been viewed we head inside to further evaluate. We start in the attic. We observe the structure of the attic (e.g. trusses or rafters),how much insulation is present, if there is proper ventilation, any electrical issues such as open junctions, any signs of water intrusion from any areas including the chimney if applicable, the HVAC ductwork and air handler if present, and any other issues that may present themselves. Attics are one of the few places that many homeowners do not venture into and should be closely inspected.

After we finish in the attic we begin testing the interior. We open all accessible windows, test every electrical outlet that we can view, make sure doors are functioning properly, test plumbing to ensure no leaks or other issues, check for any signs of movement or damage to the interior of structure,etc. We also run the HVAC system to ensure proper functioning

After we have ran a sufficient amount of water and tested the interior we go to the lowest area of structure. Whether a crawlspace or basement we always check for any signs of structural damage or movement, any evidence of water intrusion including plumbing leaks, any signs of wood destroying organisms or microbial growth,etc.

Most appliances are tested if permanently attached. 

We abide by InterNachi standards of practice and also by the Tennessee standards of practice

*These are general guidelines and adjustments are made according to home