Common issues found on the exterior

The following pictures are general issues that we see on inspections. 


Storm Water Control

One of the most common issues we see around the exterior of the structure is the guttering system. In the picture to the left the guttering downspout discharges in very close proximity to the foundation of the home. The water then travels into the ground and flows against the foundation of the home. The majority of moisture issues we see in crawlspaces and basements come from inadequate storm water control. It is recommended to extend the guttering downspout discharge at least 6 feet away from structure to an area that is graded away from the home. 


To the right we see a roof that has excessive wear with missing tabs present. In the picture to the furthest right we see heavy amounts of granular loss with the fiber-mesh bleeding through. These are symptoms that the roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible. This type of shingle is called a 3 tab or composition shingle and has an average life span of 15-20 years. The roof will undoubtedly begin to leak and can lead to many more problems. When these type of issues are found on an inspection is it highly recommended that a licensed roofing contractor further evaluate.



Decks & Porches

Sealing and staining are very important to the lifespan of exterior wood. Any wood that is exposed to outside elements should be maintained to help extend the lifespan. To the left we see a deck that has heavy moisture retention with moss/algae growth present. This deck could not only result in structural issues but also could be a fall/slip hazard.