General Guidelines

The inspector will:

  • Offer opinions only.  These opinions are to be based upon a visual inspection of existing conditions at the time of inspection.
  • Inform the client that the inspection is not intended to be, nor is to be construed as a guarantee or warranty, or as any form of insurance.
  • Not perform any activity where injury to the inspector or personal property loss is likely.

The inspector is not required to:

  • Move furniture, lift floor coverings, remove wall coverings or do anything that will damage or destroy any element of the property.
  • As part of a normal inspection, inspect any unattached building except one garage.
  • Be responsible to find termites, other insects, wood, dry rot or any environmental problem(s).
  • Be responsible to identify the presence of bacteria, mold, fungi, asbestos, or any gas including radon or formaldehyde.
  • Attempt to identify any waste system problem.